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Pre &Post Adoption Resources,Foster Parenting, Birth Parents


Post Adoption Parenting

Adoption and the Stages of Development
The First Year
The Second Year
Ages 2 to 6
The Facts of Life: Where Do I Come From? How Did I Get Here?
Children Who Are Adopted When They Are Older or Who Are of a Different Race
Emotional Impact of Adoption
Elementary School Years
Why Was I Given Away? Loss and Grief in Adoption
Psychological Identification
Searching for Birth Parents
Anger, Sex and Aggression
When You Need Help
How Do You Know You Need Help?
Finding Help
Helping Your Foster Child Transition to Your Adopted Child
Talking With Children About the Changes
Helping Children Understand Their Own History
Helping Children Adjust to Losses
Helping Children Transfer Attachments
Impact of Adoption on Adopted Persons
Adoption Issues
Managing Adoption Issues
Parenting Your Adopted Preschooler
Adoption and Child Development
Communicating About Adoption
Discipline Considerations
Parenting Your Adopted School-Age Child
Understanding Child Development and the Impact of Adoption
Communicating About Adoption
Disciplining Effectively
Improving Your Child's School Experience
Seeking Help for Mental Health Concerns
Parenting Your Adopted Teenager
Understanding Teenage Development and the Impact of Adoption
Communicating With Your Teenager About Adoption
Helping Your Teenager Communicate with Others About Adoption
Disciplining Effectively
Preparing Your Teenager for Adulthood
Seeking Help for Mental Health Concerns
Post Adoption Services
Postadoption Issues That Most Adoptive Families Encounter
Milestones That May Trigger a Need for Postadoption Support
Types of Postadoption Services
Finding Postadoption Services
Paying for Postadoption Services
Searching for Birth Relatives
The Decision to Search
Steps in the Search Process
Hiring a Professional Searcher
International Searching
Reunion Issues
Stepparent Adoption
Transracial and Transcultural Adoption
How You Can Prepare for a Transracial or Transcultural Adoption
How You Can Help Your Child to Become a Stable, Happy, Healthy Individual with a Strong Sense of Racial or Cultural Identity

Pre Adoption

Adoption Options at a Glance
Where Will Our Family's Child Come From?
If We Adopt Domestically, What Type of Adoption is Best for our Family?
If We Choose Domestic Infant Adoption, Who Will Assist Our Family?
Adoption Options
Domestic or International Adoption?
Domestic Infant or Foster Care Adoption?
Licensed Private Agency, Independent Adoption, or Facilitated/Unlicensed Agency?
How Will The Placement Process Vary?
What Other Choices Should We Consider?
Adoption: Where Do I Start?
Step 1: Educate Yourself
Step 2: Understand the Law
Step 3: Explore Your Options/Select an Agency
Step 4: Complete a Home Study
Step 5: Engage in the Placement Process
Step 6: File Necessary Legal Documents
Step 7:Parent Your Child
International Adoption: Where Do I Start
Deciding if International Adoption is Right for Your Family
Finding an Adoption Service Provider
Adopting Your Child
Meeting Immigration and Citizenship Requirements
Adjusting to Your New Family
Obtaining Background Information on Your Prospective Adopted Child
Why is Background Information Important?
Where Would I Find Background Information About Waiting Children?
What Questions Should I Ask a Child's Caseworker?
Why Might All The Information Not Be Available?
What Should I Do If Some Or All The Information Is Not Available?
Where Can I Go For More Information?
Openness in Adoption
What is Open Adoption?
Is Open Adoption Right for Our Family?
What Questions Should Our Family Consider in Open Adoption?
Pros of Each Type of Adoption for the Involved Parties
Cons of Each Type of Adoption for the Involved Parties
The Adoption Home Study Process
Elements of the Home Study Process
The Home Study Report
Common Concerns About the Home Study
Transracial and Transcultural Adoption
How You Can Prepare for a Transracial or Transcultural Adoption
How You Can Help Your Child to Become a Stable, Happy, Healthy Individual with a Strong Sense of Racial or Cultural Identity


Resources on all aspects of domestic and intercountry adoption, including adoption from foster care. Includes information for prospective and adoptive parents; information about searching for birth relatives; and resources for professionals on recruiting adoptive families, preparing children and youth, supporting birth parents, and providing postadoption services.

A "how-to" for international adoptions.

Federal legislation sets the framework for adoption in the United States, and States pass laws to comply with Federal requirements and become eligible for Federal funding. Thus, adoption is regulated by State laws, and these laws vary from State to State. Find resources in this section on laws related to both domestic and intercountry adoption.

The National Foster Care & Adoption Directory (formerly the National Adoption Directory) offers adoption and foster care resources by State.

Welcome to Adoption.State.Gov, the Department of State’s intercountry adoption website. This website is intended to provide you with an overview of the intercountry adoption process and the Hague Adoption Convention. Whether you are a person considering adopting, an adoption agency, a social worker, a legal representative, an adoptee, or just curious about intercountry adoption, I hope that you will find this site to be a useful resource.

Joint Council works to ensure that orphaned and vulnerable children can live, grow, and flourish in a family.  Advocating for high standards, ethical practices, and child-centric policies, Joint Council educates governments, professionals and families all with a goal of finding a safe, permanent, and loving family for every child. (National Health Information Center)

The National Adoption Center is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1972 to expand adoption opportunities throughout the United States for children with special needs and those from minority cultures. The Center works with social workers and other adoption professionals to bring children and families together. Through its telecommunications network, (the National Adoption Exchange), adoption professionals list their available children and interested families and make "matches" between them. There are presently 115 members on the National Adoption Exchange. You can find contact information at the above link. (National Health Information Center)

The National Adoption Information Clearinghouse (NAIC) is a comprehensive resource on all aspects of adoption. NAIC connects professionals, parents, and concerned citizens to practical, timely and essential information on programs, research, legislation, and statistics regarding domestic and intercountry adoption. The Clearinghouse is a service of the Children's Bureau, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. You can find contact information at the above link.

Adoption Tax Credit Information Sheet

Adoption Tax Credit Documentation Chart

Adoption Tax Credit Information provided by the IRS can be found in the above two links.  The Affordable Care Act raised the maximum amount of the adoption tax credit to $13,360 per child for tax year 2011.  The chart provides the details on what documentation is required to be attached to your return.  Review the documentation to see if you qualify. 


Delaware's DFS MY LIFE (My Young Life In Fostercare Explained) Brochure

Delaware's 2012 National Adoption Day SAVE THE DATE

Delaware's 2012 National Adoption Day Brochure

Adoptive Families With Information & Support-Adoptive Families With Information & Support (AFIS) is a nonprofit organization founded more than 25 years ago by adoptive parents in the state of Delaware.  As these families worked with local agencies to finalize their children's adoptions, they came to learn that adoption is a lifetime journey that continues long after the process has been finalized.  They recognized the need for a way to connect with other adoptive families- to share both the victories and struggles of this journey.  AFIS was made up of just a few families initially and over the years has grown to a membership of more than 600 individuals, families, and professionals whose lives have been touched by adoption.  AFIS is not affiliated with, nor are we, an adoption agency. We are a volunteer organization dedicated to providing   the information, support, and encouragement necessary to improve the quality of life within adoptive families.  Every adoption experience is unique and our families reflect the diversity of those experiences. Our calendar of events can be found here:


Little Angels Adoption Agency, Avon Park, Florida

Little Angels is a private, licensed, adoption agency with years of personal and professional service. We are a Florida based agency, serving adoptive families across the nation.  We are a small, personal agency created by an adoptive mom, for adoptive parents.

The mission of Little Angels is to provide services and coordination necessary to assist in the creation of families, through domestic adoptions for those caring individuals who wish to become adoptive parents.  We will strive to ensure loving, caring and safe homes for adopted children and support those mothers who choose to provide their children for placement rather than seeking other options.  Lastly, we will ensure that all adoptions are handled promptly, professionally and in compliance with the state laws and the rules of the Department of Children and Families.


Adoptions from the Heart is a full service agency licensed in PA, NJ, DE, NY, VA, & CT but accepts applicants from all over the US for pregnant women and adoptive families.

Adoptions From the Heart provides resources for families looking to adopt within the United States or Internationally. Since 1985 they have helped place thousands of children in loving homes.  Additionally, if you are pregnant and considering adoption, a loving alternative to parenting, an unplanned pregnancy can be one of life's most difficult experiences. Adoptions from the Heart's experienced, caring and skilled counselors provide individual and family counseling to help birth parents sort out their feelings and make informed choices.  Adoption from the Heart provides many other services supporting the adoption triad both pre and post adoption with regard to community and education.

Sharon Simons, the founder of Mom at Last, had a dream to become a MOTHER which she was determined to follow. Her path was difficult but ultimately successful. Born in New Jersey and living in Delaware, she is married to her soul mate Rick and is the very proud Mom to her two sons Dylan and Hunter who she adopted through the Russian Adoption Process.  Sharon has continued to be an advocate for Adoption by helping other women and couples who are going through the Adoption Process be successful in their Journey. Sharon created TheAdoptionApp, a iPhone & Android mobile app to help others navigate the Adoption Process, along with creating TheAdoptionKit, an Adoption Survival Kit to help you survive your Adoption Journey.