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Carried In My Heart About Us-Adoption, resources, community
About Our Company:
Carried In My Heart is dedicated to the well-being of the adopted family by providing adoption support through sharing adoption resources, adoption related community forums and our branded specialty adoption gifts.
BROWSE ADOPTION RESOURCES to find relevant articles focused on both pre and post adoption topics. Regardless of where you are in the adoption process, you will find articles to meet your needs. You will additionally find reference links to organizations who keep the adopted family as their primary focus.
JOIN our Carried In My Heart COMMUNITY forum. Our community represents all components of the adoption triad—adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents. Here you can post your adoption stories and personal experiences, seek the expertise of other community members, browse various adoption related discussion threads, make friends with people having similar experiences and even participate in research Q&A’s.
SHOP our Carried In My Heart PRODUCT  section. Here you will find specialty adoption gifts bearing the Carried In My Heart brand.
" is owned by Carried In My Heart, LLC."
About the People Behind the Company:
Welcome to Carried In My Heart ! My name is Rebecca Tabasso and Carried In My Heart has been a vision of mine for the past 20+ years.
I have been touched by adoption through two of the three adoption triad components. I was adopted by my parents when I was 3 months old. They have both passed now, but they gave me a wonderful life. They supported my knowledge and understanding of my adoption and supported my wish to search for my birthmother and ultimately birthfather once I turned 21. I have met both birth parents and maintain an on-going relationship with my birthmother. My birthmother and my parents had an opportunity to meet and get to know each other as well. This was truly a blessing all the way around.
I have been blessed with two sons, who are both also adopted. My oldest son was placed with me when he was 1 month, 3 days old. My second son was placed with me when he was 2 days old. They are the joys of my life!
My vision began with a desire to write a series of developmentally sound children’s books addressing adoption related concepts and topics that parents can trust and share with their children from infancy through adolescence.
I wanted the series to be identified with a brand that would become recognizable and meaningful to parents and children. I began work on the creation of a company and brand entitled Carried In My Heart for these books.
I am in the infancy of this dream as I await publication of my first book.
My vision grew with a desire to create a website that was dedicated to the well-being of the adopted family. A place where an online community could gather and share adoption stories, experiences and help one another based on how they have been touched by the adoption triad-adoptee, adoptive parent(s) or birth parent(s). They could find or create discussion threads based on a myriad of topics related to adoption. A place where adoption resources through articles and helpful links could be found in one place supporting adoption related concepts and topic regardless of stage of the adoption process.
This resulted in the birth of Carried In My I hope you adopt it as one of your favorites. Our site is new and growing! We welcome suggestions by contacting us and hope you find our community, resources and specialty adoption gifts to your liking and will come back often as our content will continue to change and grow.